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bitch +‎ boy


bitchboy (plural bitchboys)

  1. (gay slang) A bottom, usually a younger, submissive male.
    • 2004, Best gay erotica, snippet
      ...set of anal beads in a twelve-mile radius of Christopher Street and shove them all up your ass while you whine and whine and whine like the beefy blond bitchboy of my dreams, but then I think about actually having to do that.
    I love being a bitchboy bottom when a top can seduce me properly.
  2. A coward, especially a younger man
    • 2008, Wayne Johnson, White Heat: The Extreme Skiing Life[1], page 269:
      “Yo, bitchboy!” a kid, conveniently hidden in the line, shouts down. “You goin' or not?!”