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Alternative forms[edit]


pussy +‎ boy


  • (file)


pussyboy (plural pussyboys)

  1. (gay slang) A bottom, usually a younger, submissive, and hairless male.
    Synonyms: bottom bitch, bitchboy, cuntboy
    • 2008, Christopher Pierce, Men on the Edge, page 68:
      Whenever I screamed out for my Master, He'd just laugh and say “You asked for this, pussyboy, now deal with it.
    • 2010, Christopher Pierce, Kidnapped by a Sex Maniac, page 31:
      “Now, for once, you're going to be my pussyboy!”
  2. (prison slang) A young sex slave used in the absence of available women.
    Synonyms: punk, bitch, prison bitch
    • 2007, Eric Summers, Love in a Lock-Up, page 14:
      “Listen, pussyboy, here's how this works,” he said.
  3. (slang, derogatory) An especially cowardly or otherwise unmanly young man.
    Synonyms: wuss, chicken; see also Thesaurus:coward
    Ted is such a pussy boy fleeing whenever there is danger or drama, or even a spider!
  4. (slang, vulgar, offensive) A trans man with a vulva.
    Synonym: cuntboy