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From bodies, plural of body ‎(upper part of a dress)



bodice ‎(plural bodices)

  1. An article of clothing for women, covering the body from the neck to the waist, lacking sleeves or with detachable sleeves.
  2. A woman's blouse-like garment, especially with European folk dress.
    • 1956, Delano Ames, chapter 1, Crime out of Mind[1]:
      On the cover of the leaflet advertising the Alpenrose Gasthof in Zirl am Gurgl […] there is a decorative picture of a young woman. She is wearing Tyrolese costume: the low-cut white bodice with cross-laced velvet waistcoat, the floral apron and dirndl skirt.
  3. The upper portion of a one- or two-piece dress, in distinction to the skirt and sleeves.
  4. (archaic) A kind of under waist stiffened with whalebone, etc., worn especially by women; a corset; stays.

Derived terms[edit]