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Alternative forms[edit]


brown +‎ out


brownout (plural brownouts)

  1. A period of low alternating current line voltage, causing a reduction in illumination
    When demand for electricity exceeds the available supply, a brownout occurs.
  2. Temporary dimming of vision, usually with a brown hue and accompanied by loss of peripheral vision or tunnel vision.
    On rising suddenly from her chair she experienced a brownout and had to sit down again quickly.
  3. Temporary closing of a fire station, usually due to budget restrictions.
    Fire departments across the country have been forced to rely on rolling brownouts because of the recession.
  4. a power outage during the day; distinguished from a blackout, which occurs at night
  5. (Philippines) a blackout, regardless of time of day.

Usage notes[edit]

  • A rolling brownout describes a deliberate reduction in voltage (for sense 1) or of firefighting (for sense 3) in multiple service areas at staggered times.


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