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Alternative forms[edit]


From butt +‎ load.


buttload (plural buttloads)

  1. (dated, Britain, Southern US, New England) A large amount, possibly a variant of boatload, or perhaps referring to a large container known as a butt.
    We spent all day Sunday and picked up a buttload of pecans.
  2. (mildly vulgar, slang) A large amount, originally referring to a large container, butt.
    • 1999, Philip Greenspun, Philip and Alex's Guide to Web Publishing, page 267:
      You can collect a metric buttload of data about user activity on your site without too much effort.
    • 2004, Theresa Alan, Spur of the Moment, page 264:
      Anyway, they are paying me a buttload of money to do this series, and I want to share my good fortune with you and that's that.
    • 2005, Napoleon Dynamite: The Complete Quote Book, Simon and Schuster, ISBN 1416915524, page 67:
      "Yeah, there's, like, a buttload of gangs at this school."

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