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cachorros (sense 1)
cachorro (sense 2)


Borrowed from Spanish cachorro (cub). Compare also Italian cucciolo.



cachorro m (plural cachorros, feminine cachorra, feminine plural cachorras)

  1. (Portugal) puppy (a young dog)
  2. (Brazil, Madeira, colloquial) dog (of any age)
  3. (Brazil, derogatory) A promiscuous man.
  4. (by extension) An unfaithful man.
  5. Short for cachorro-quente: hot dog

Usage notes[edit]

In Brazil, this is the neutral and colloquial term for "dog", whereas in settings of higher formalities cão is used instead. The feminine cachorra is even more avoided in such settings (in which cadela is used), but is used more often in everyday language.




Probably from Vulgar Latin *cattulus (whelp, puppy), from Latin catŭlus (puppy).[1][2][3]

Or, from or influenced by a metathesis of Basque txakur, xakur (puppy);[4] however, this has been dismissed as speculative.[5] Compare whith Italian cucciolo.


cachorro m (plural cachorros)

  1. puppy
    Synonym: perrito
  2. cub (the young of certain other animals, generally mammals)
  3. pup (young of foxes, seals or sea lions)

Derived terms[edit]

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