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Alternative forms[edit]


From Latin cancellātiō, from cancellō + -tiō.



cancellation (countable and uncountable, plural cancellations)

  1. The act, process, or result of cancelling; as, the cancellation of certain words in a contract, or of the contract itself.
    • 2022 January 12, Nigel Harris, “Comment: Unhappy start to 2022”, in RAIL, number 948, page 3:
      Then, in January, a creeping tsunami of train cancellations, triggered by major staff absences as a result of the aggressive transmissibility of Omicron, heaped further misery on rail users.
  2. (mathematics) The operation of striking out common factors, e.g. in both the dividend and divisor.
  3. (philately) A postmark that marks a postage stamp so as to prevent its reuse.
  4. (law) In United States intellectual property law, a proceeding in which an interested party seeks to cancel the registration of a trademark or patent.
  5. (anatomy) The property of being cancellate.
    • 194?, Columbia University. School of Dental and Oral Surgery, Principles of Radiodontia
      Spongy bone is composed of cancellated areas appearing as a fine, interlacing network. These cancellated spaces are irregular both in size and shape. The normal cancellation is rather large []

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