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Alternative forms[edit]


From Late Latin carricāre, present active infinitive of carricō, from Latin carrus.


  • IPA(key): /ka.riˈ
  • Rhymes: -are
  • Hyphenation: ca‧ri‧cà‧re


caricàre (first-person singular present càrico, first-person singular past historic caricài, past participle caricàto, auxiliary avere) (transitive)

  1. to load, to stow
    Synonyms: issare, prendere a bordo
    Antonym: scaricare
    caricare in macchinato load into the car
  2. to take aboard, hoist, pick up
  3. to emphasize, overdo
    Synonym: enfatizzare
  4. (figuratively) to rouse, fire, pep up
    Synonyms: rinfrancare, (familiar) gasare
  5. to charge, attack
    Synonym: attaccare
    caricare il nemicoto charge the enemy
  6. (electricity) to charge
    caricare una batteriato charge a battery
    caricare una pilato charge a battery
  7. to wind, wind up (of a watch, game, etc.)
    caricare un orologioto wind up a clock
  8. (computing) to upload
    caricare un fileto upload a file
  9. (computing) to load (up) (of a program)
    caricare un programmato load a program (up)


Derived terms[edit]

Related terms[edit]