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Min Nan[edit]

For pronunciation and definitions of cháu – see (“to go; to walk; to go on foot; to run; to jog; etc.”).
(This character, cháu, is the Pe̍h-ōe-jī form of .)



From Proto-Vietic *cuːʔ, from Proto-Mon-Khmer *cuuʔ. Cognate with Muong [Bi] chảu (son-in-law), Khmer ចៅ (caw), Bahnar sŏu/sâu, Pacoh achau, Khasi 'siew.



cháu (𡥙, 𫲤, 𫲰)

  1. a grandchild, a nephew or a niece

Usage notes[edit]

  • There is no distinction between "grandchild", "nephew" and "niece". For foreign speakers, the age of the person in question could be a clue to the exact status of the cháu they're talking about. For instance, someone young or middle-aged is more likely to have a niece or a nephew than a grandchild. That said, there's also the possibility a young person may have a distant cousin whom they call their "grandchild".

Derived terms[edit]

Derived terms



  1. (chiefly Northern Vietnam) I/me, your nephew, niece or grandchild
    Synonym: con
  2. (Northern Vietnam) I/me, someone who's not your child and who's a lot younger than you
    Synonym: con
  3. (chiefly Northern Vietnam) you, my nephew, niece or grandchild
    Synonym: con
  4. (Northern Vietnam) you, someone who's not my child and who's a lot younger than me
    Synonym: con
  5. he/him/she/her, the child under my guardianship (my child or grandchild) who we're talking about
    Synonym: cháu