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Min Nan[edit]

For pronunciation and definitions of cháu – see (“to go; to walk; to go on foot; to run; to jog; etc.”).
(This character, cháu, is the Pe̍h-ōe-jī form of .)



From Proto-Vietic *cuːʔ, from Proto-Mon-Khmer *cuuʔ; cognate with Khmer ចៅ (caw), Bahnar sŏu/sâu, Pacoh achau, Khasi 'siew.



cháu (𡥙, 𫲤, 𫲰)

  1. a nephew, a niece or a grandchild

Derived terms[edit]

Derived terms



  1. I; me
  2. you
  3. he; him; she; her

Usage notes[edit]

  • You refer to yourself as cháu when you're talking to someone who is much older than you (around your parents' ages) (except your parents), and refer the one who you are talking to cháu if he or she is much younger than you (unless they are your child). You may call any person, especially your child or grandchild, who is much younger than you cháu if you refer to him or her in the third person.
  • In Central and Southern regions, the pronoun con is preferred.