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From clarified +‎ butter, from Middle English clarifien and buter. Earliest attestation of clarified in this sense from the 14th century.


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clarified butter (usually uncountable, plural clarified butters)

  1. A cooking fat made by gently heating butter and separating the solids from the butterfat.
    • 1725, Robert Boyle, The Philosophical Works of the Honourable Robert Boyle, Esq, page 52:
      The means whereby the sailors do this, is, first to dress the meat, then cut it into slices; and laying them regularly one upon another in a close cask, they pour clarified butter thereon to fill up all the interstices
    • 1795, Elizabeth Raffald, The Experienced Housekeeper[1], page 146:
      [] when they are cold, put them into potting-pots and pour over them clarified butter, and keep them in a dry place.
    • 1992, Grace Howaniec, Encore Wisconsin: Chef's Recipes Designed to Bring You Ovations[2], page 112:
      This recipe calls for clarified butter which is easily made and reduces the chances of burning the butter during the sautéing process.



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