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comp (plural comps)

  1. Alternative form of comp.
  2. Clipping of competition
  3. Clipping of comprehensive layout, a graphic design showing final proposed layout of text and images.
  4. Clipping of comprehensive examination
  5. (Britain) Clipping of comprehensive school
  6. Clipping of complimentary ticket or item
  7. Clipping of comparable
  8. Clipping of compensation
  9. Clipping of composite
  10. Clipping of composition
  11. Clipping of comptroller
  12. Clipping of computer, especially a desktop computer
  13. Clipping of compilation


comp (third-person singular simple present comps, present participle comping, simple past and past participle comped)

  1. (intransitive, US) To accompany, in music
  2. (transitive) To compose (a visual design); to make a composite.
  3. (transitive) To provide (a complimentary item, such as a ticket) to (someone).
  4. Clipping of compile

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