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From Latin comprehendere, present active infinitive of comprehendō.


  • (Portugal) IPA(key): /kõ.pɾjẽ.ˈdeɾ/
  • Hyphenation: com‧pre‧en‧der


compreender ‎(first-person singular present indicative compreendo, past participle compreendido)

  1. (transitive) to understand, to comprehend, to be aware of the meaning
    Eu compreendo seus motivos, mas eles não justificam seus atos. — “I understand your reasons, but they don't justify your acts.”
  2. (transitive) to accept a person, to like a person
    Meus pais nunca me compreenderam. — “My parents never accepted me.”
  3. (transitive) to include
    Esta lista compreende todos os ingredientes para o bolo de aniversário. — “This list includes all the ingredients for the birthday's cake.”
  4. First-person singular (eu) future subjunctive of compreender
  5. Third-person singular (ele, ela, also used with tu and você?) future subjunctive of compreender
  6. First-person singular (eu) personal infinitive of compreender
  7. Third-person singular (ele, ela, also used with tu and você?) personal infinitive of compreender


Derived terms[edit]