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From Latin condīcō, condīcere (to talk something over together; to agree).



condizer (first-person singular present indicative condigo, past participle condito)

  1. (transitive with com) to agree with; to conform with (to be in accordance with expectations)
    O testemunho do réu não condiz com o da testemunha.
    The defendant’s testimony does not agree with the witness’s.
    Essa teoria não condiz com a realidade.
    This theory does not agree with reality.
  2. (with plural or multiple subjects, transitive with em or a) to agree or conform with (in a given aspect)
    Eu e ele não condizemos em opinião.
    He and I do not agree in opinion.
  3. (with plural or multiple subjects, intransitive) to agree or conform with one another
    Essas teorias não condizem.
    These theories are not in agreement.



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