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Deadfall (sense 1) in a forest
A small deadfall (sense 2) in the style of the Paiute people of North America

dead +‎ fall.



deadfall (countable and uncountable, plural deadfalls)

  1. (uncountable, Canada, US) Coarse woody debris; deadwood.
    1. (countable, specifically) A fallen tree.
  2. (countable, Canada, US, hunting) A kind of trap for large animals, consisting of a heavy board or log that falls on to the prey.
    • 1922 November 25, A[rthur] M[urray] Chisholm, “A Thousand a Plate”, in Western Story Magazine, volume XXX, number 4, New York, N.Y.: Street & Smith Corporation, OCLC 11910542, chapter II, page 90, column 2:
      It was a week after the taking of the black fox that Skookum Bill, on a short exploring trip a few miles west of their cabin, came across a deadfall which held a dead marten. He took the marten, and, when he returned, said to Dobbs: "I didn't know you'd built any deadfalls in the timber past the big draw?"
  3. (countable, US, slang) A cheap, rough bar or saloon.


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