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Alternative forms[edit]


From dead +‎ name, because the old name is dead (no longer used). Attested since at least 2010 as a noun and 2013 as a verb by the OED.


deadname (plural deadnames)

  1. (neologism, especially LGBT) A previous name of a person (especially a transgender person) who has since changed their name.
    • 2014, Natalia Moorin, “My Illness Is Not Your Inspiration”, in Damsel, University of Western Australia, page 21:
      And when people constantly refer to you as your deadname [a name that you previously went by], or use the incorrect pronouns, it really is like getting slapped with a wet fish.
    • 2018 February 27, Amy O'Kruk, “Apology to readers”, in Western Gazette, Western University, page 2:
      One of the articles in our last issue contained a major error: we referred to a transgender student by their deadname.
    • 2018, Alex McFadden, quoted in Noni Cole & Ruby Perryman, "The Unfair University ID Card", Farrago (University of Melbourne), Edition Three (2018), page 7:
      “My deadname is everywhere because of my ID card, and not only do I have to look at it but lots of other people get to see. []
    • For more quotations using this term, see Citations:deadname.


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deadname (third-person singular simple present deadnames, present participle deadnaming, simple past and past participle deadnamed)

  1. To refer to someone (especially a transgender person) who has changed names by a previous name.
    • 2015 June 17, Luca Kuchinka, “Caitlyn's story inspiring, spotlight should be shared”, in Estevan Mercury, page A7:
      Using trans peoples' dead names – names that they were born with which are either wrong through either legal or preferential means – has been and always will be an act of aggression, not just to the person you're deadnaming but to all trans people.
    • 2018, Alex, quoted in Sylvie Woods, "Students pay the price for 'tired' administration", Honi Soit (University of Sydney), Volume 90, Week 9 (2018), page 12:
      "Right now, it's unclear whether they are choosing to deadname me maliciously, or just can't be bothered to accommodate trans students in the way we require them to," he said.
    • 2020 May 1, Kirkus Reviews, page 130:
      Felix's dad deadnames him despite supporting his top surgery and hormone therapy, and he hates his mom for leaving when he was 10.
    • For more quotations using this term, see Citations:deadname.


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