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di- +‎ -ode Learned formation, coined by William Eccles in 1919, after Greek δίοδος.



diode (plural diodes)

  1. (electronics) An electronic device that allows current to flow in one direction only; used chiefly as a rectifier.
    • 1919 April 18, William Eccles, Electrician, page 475:
      I propose to give the name diode to a tube with two electrodes.
    • 1949, Samuel Silver, Microwave Antenna Theory and Design[1], page 593:
      If a crystal or a diode is used, the amplifier-voltmeter combination may be used with an amplitude-modulated source; or with a c-w source, the detector may be connected to a microammeter or galvanometer as an indicating device.
    • 2005, Robert Diffenderfer, Electronic Devices: Systems and Applications[2], page 69:
      In this circuit when the diode is forward biased, the voltage across the diode remains fairly close to the diode's barrier potential.

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