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Borrowing and simplification of Latin dīrigō ‎(to direct) into a first conjugation French verb.




  1. (transitive) to run; to direct (be the director of)
    Il dirige son entreprise avec passion.
    He runs his business with passion.
  2. to supervise; to oversee
  3. to steer (vehicles)
    Il sait bien diriger le bateau.
    He knows how to steer the boat.
  4. to aim, to direct
    Dirigez vos armes à l'ennemi.
    Aim your weapons at the enemy.
  5. to direct (a film)
  6. (reflexive, se diriger) To go towards; to head (for)
    Le camion se dirige vers la falaise.
    The truck is heading for the cliff.


  • This is a regular -er verb, but the stem is written dirige- before endings that begin with -a- or -o- (to indicate that the -g- is a “soft” /ʒ/ and not a “hard” /ɡ/). This spelling-change occurs in all verbs in -ger, such as neiger and manger.

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