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estrapade (plural estrapades)

  1. The rearing, plunging, and kicking actions of a horse trying to get rid of its rider.
    • 2001 Gerard Woodward, August, W.W. Norton, 2008, p.175:
      Then one day she went riding on her favourite horse, Coco, without a helmet, and Kwango, her prize borzoi, leapt out in front of her, causing Coco to perform an estrapade which sent Vivienne flying and falling, landing head first on the concrete drive, killing her instantly.

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From Italian strappada


estrapade f (plural estrapades)

  1. strappado, a torture or punishment technique where the victim is tied at a pole which is dropped from a considerable height to just above the soil; aboard a vessel, the victim is dipped into the sea
  2. mast or other contraption constructed for such torturous treatment
  3. gymnastic exercise, where the athlete hangs from a rope and passes the rest of the body in between both arms


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