façon de parler

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Alternative forms[edit]


From French façon de parler (way of speaking”, “manner of speech).



façon de parler (plural façons de parler)

  1. A turn of phrase or rhetorical formula, especially one that ought not be taken literally, but rather as employed for convenience of expression only.
    • 1999: Simon Blackburn, Think: A compelling introduction to philosophy, chapter 7: The World, section 6: Kant’s Revolution, pages 258–259 (Oxford University Press, paperback, →ISBN
      This might all seem grist to Berkeley’s mill. Berkeley himself knew that we interpret our experience in spatio-temporal, objective terms. But he thought we had to ‘speak with the vulgar but think with the learned’: in other words, learn to regard that interpretation as a kind of façon de parler, rather than the description of a real, independent, objective world.




façon de parler f (plural façons de parler)

  1. façon de parler
    Désolé si je t'ai vexé, c'était une façon de parler.
    Sorry for having annoyed you, it was a façon de parler.