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fold +‎ back


foldback (countable and uncountable, plural foldbacks)

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  1. An overturned flap.
  2. A current-limiting feature in power supplies and amplifiers.
  3. (music) The use of rear-facing heavy-duty loudspeakers on stage during live music performances, to improve sound for the audience or to allow performers to hear and monitor themselves.
  4. (genetics) A denatured (single-strand) DNA molecule that has formed base pair bonds with itself.
  5. (genetics) A chromosome that contains sequences which support foldback; A DNA molecule with a base sequence or sequences that are repeated in reverse order.
  6. (role-playing games) A portion of a storyline that branches based on user choices but where all branches eventually reconverge to a single inevitable event.
  7. (social sciences) A multimethod research approach that includes open-ended interviewing, nominal group dialogue, survey and attitude scaling techniques, and multidimensional and cluster analyses.