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Alternative forms[edit]


From fork +‎ -en, modelled after strong past participles.


forken (comparative more forken, superlative most forken)

  1. (archaic) Forked.
    • 1868, Samuel Cuthbert Rogers, Vesper songs:
      For ah! whatever evils lodge with youth, Like caterpillars on the leaves of spring, It of its essence counts the lip of truth, The honest tongue that wears no forken sting, The heart untouched by Care's prevailing []
    • 1977, American Guild of Organists, Royal Canadian College of Organists, Associated Pipe Organ Builders of America, The American organist:
      While an organ with a "forken tongue" may sound loud enough in the church, there is a real loss of clarity.



forken c

  1. singular definite of fork