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From Ottoman Turkish گورمك(görmek, to see),[1] from Proto-Turkic *köri-, *kör- (to see, look).[2] Cognate to göz (eye).



görmek (third-person singular simple present görür)

  1. (transitive) to see, watch
  2. (transitive) to see, perceive, discern
  3. (transitive) to see, meet and talk to/with
  4. (transitive) to see (something) as, view (something) as, find, consider (something) to be, judge (something) to be
  5. (transitive) to regard as, consider, deem
  6. (transitive) to experience, live through
  7. (transitive) to perform, do, attend to (a duty, task, etc.); to pay (an expense)
  8. to get, acquire
  9. to undergo
  10. (transitive, slang) to bribe


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