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From he ((t)here is, lo!) +‎ aquí (here). Compare with Latin ecce (behold!), Italian ecco (behold!), and Portuguese eis (behold!).


  • IPA(key): /ˌe aˈki/ [ˌe aˈki]
  • Syllabification: he a‧quí


he aquí

  1. (literary) behold!
    Synonym: mirad
    ¡He aquí, el que ha dicho tal cosa prejuiciosa!
    Behold, he who has said such hurtful thing!
  2. (literary) lo!
    ¡He aquí! La alma triste, todo por el amor de una doncella
    Lo! The sad soul, all because of a damsel's love
  3. here you have / here is/are...
    He aquí los mejores perros calientes del mundo.
    Here you have the best hotdogs in the world.
    He aquí tus llaves, las dejaste en el carro.
    Here are your keys, you left them in the car.
  4. voilà
    He aquí, tu nueva casa.
    Voilà, your new house.