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impact statement (plural impact statements)

  1. (law) Testimony, either oral or written, provided during a proceeding in a court of law which describes the harmful effects produced by the actions of an accused or convicted party and suffered by the victim or others, offered especially for consideration by the court in deciding an appropriate punishment.
    • 2011 March 22, "Ex-NFL star Lawrence Taylor's sentencing today," USA Today (retrieved 2 Dec 2011):
      The lawyer for a teenager at the center of Lawrence Taylor's sexual misconduct case says the girl will make an impact statement at the former football star's sentencing.
  2. An analysis or study which describes the expected effects of a policy, project, or action being contemplated by a business or government organization.
    • 2010 April 1, "Editorial: This Time, Listen," New York Times (retrieved 2 Dec 2011):
      Before closing or phasing out a school, the schools chancellor must prepare a detailed impact statement that describes, among other things, changes in how the building would be used, the effects on the surrounding community and the ability of other schools in the area to absorb new students.

Derived terms[edit]