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A coin-operated jukebox


1939, juke (roadside café) +‎ box, replacing older nickel-in-a-slot phonograph.[1]



jukebox (plural jukeboxes)

  1. A coin-operated machine that plays recorded music; it has push-buttons to make selections. [from 1939]
    • 1939, Life, Dec 18, 1939, p. 27:
      Glenn Miller plays more sweet numbers than hot. His greatest success has been with the “juke boxes”, the nickel-in-a-slot automatic phonographs. Miller is easily the most outstanding juke-box artist of 1939.
  2. (computing) An automated carousel for the storage and retrieval of tapes, CD-ROMs, etc.
  3. (computing, by extension) A software application capable of replaying tracks from a digital music collection.
    • 2011, Keith Underdahl, Adobe Premiere Pro For Dummies
      Before you export a movie to tape, double-check the following: Make sure all unnecessary programs are closed, including your e-mail program, MP3 jukebox, and Web browser.



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