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kùrwā f

  1. soul


Alternative forms[edit]


From Proto-Slavic *kury, from Proto-Indo-European *keh₂ros (loved), from *keh₂-. Cognate with Latin cārus, Latvian kārs.



kurwa f (diminutive kurewka, augmentative kurwisko)

  1. (vulgar) prostitute
  2. (offensive, vulgar) whore, slut, bitch; term of abuse for women
    Ziemię pomierzył i głębokie morze, • Wie, jako wstają i zachodzą zorze, • Wiatrom rozumie, praktykuje komu — • A sam nie widzi, że ma kurwę w domu.



Derived terms[edit]



  1. (vulgar) fuck!, shit!, damn!
    Kurwa, mówiłem, żebyś tego nie ruszał!
    Fuck! I told you not to touch this!
  2. (vulgar) used as intensifier
    Do każdej pierdółki potrzebna jest zgoda kierownika? To już jest, kurwa, jakiś absurd.
    You need the manager's approval even for the most trivial shit? That's just fucking absurd.
  3. (vulgar) used as filler
    Dušan kurwa zamknij kibel!
    Dušan fucking close the toilet!

Usage notes[edit]

  • While it used to be regarded as being used only by illiterate peasants, nowadays kurwa can be heard in various social classes; ranging from people with very low career perspective up to millionaires, lobbyists and politicians (in private), regardless of party or authority level.
  • In many cases it is used to spontaneously express discomfort, anger or pain.
  • Random insertion of kurwa as fillers into sentences is associated with the lower social classes.
  • Generally the lower someone's social status and/or origin in society is, the more frequent the word is expected to be heard in regular conversations and in combination with other vulgar words like chuj, jebać or pierdolić, sometimes so frequently that it becomes impossible to carry on a normal conversation.

Upper Sorbian[edit]


From Proto-Slavic *kury


kurwa f

  1. whore, prostitute
  2. bitch