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From Proto-Vietic *lɛh.



lẻ (, , 𥛭)

  1. odd (not divisible by two)
    số lẻ
    an odd number
    hàm số lẻ
    an odd function
  2. (informal, of a number) being a number so irrational it's very difficult to express it in whole numbers or roots of them and to make subsequent calculations easier
    Không được rồi cô ơi. Em chia ra số lẻ lắm.
    It's not good ma'am. I got a very ugly result from the division.
  3. (of a banknote) of a low value less than or equal to 20,000 dongs
    tiền lẻ
  4. (chiefly Southern Vietnam) Signifies the “zero(s)” in numbers such as 805 and 2001.
    một trăm lẻ ba103 [i.e. one hundred and three]
    hai ngàn không trăm lẻ một2001 [i.e. two thousand and one]


Derived terms[edit]

Derived terms


lẻ (, , 𥛭)

  1. (informal) alone rather than with other people
    Thằng khỉ! Hôm qua mày đánh lẻ hả?
    Hey bastard! Did you go without us yesterday?
  2. (of selling or buying) unwholly, for example, when buying a few cigarettes rather than a whole pack
    Antonym: sỉ
    cửa hàng bán lẻ
    a retail store