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Scottish Gaelic[edit]

Alternative forms[edit]


From Old Irish léimm, from Proto-Celtic *lang-smen- (compare Welsh llam), from Proto-Indo-European *legʷh-(light, not heavy).


  • IPA(key): [ʎeːm], /ʎeːm/


leum m ‎(genitive singular leuma, plural leuman or leumannan)

  1. verbal noun of leum
  2. leap, bound, spring, frisk, start, shake
    leum gàbhaidh‎ ― a dangerous leap
  3. leaping, act of leaping, jump
  4. animal semen
  5. emission
  6. flaw
  7. sudden rage, impulsive anger
  8. milk

Derived terms[edit]


leum ‎(past leum, future leumaidh, verbal noun leum, past participle leumte)

  1. leap, bound, spring, skip, frisk, hop, jump, start
  2. bleed (nose)
  3. pass (as time, or through space)
    Nuair a leumas e an Fhéill-Brìghde, chan earb an sionnach 'earball ris an deigh.‎ ― When Candlemas is past, the fox will not trust his tail to the ice.
    Leum e air a' mheadhan-oidhche.‎ ― It passed midnight.
  4. make a slip of the tongue
    Leum mo theanga orm.‎ ― My tongue slipped. I put my foot in it.

Derived terms[edit]

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