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Alternative forms[edit]


From Middle English likam, licam, licame, lichame, from Old English līcema, līchama(body, corpse; trunk), from Proto-Germanic *līkahamô(body, bodily frame, corpse), equivalent to like(body, lich) +‎ hame(covering, case). Cognate with Scots lekame(body), West Frisian lichem(body), Dutch lichaam(body), German Leichnam(body, corpse), Danish legeme(body), Swedish lekamen(body), Icelandic líkami(body).


likam ‎(plural likams)

  1. (obsolete or Britain dialectal) The human body.
  2. (Britain dialectal) A dead body; corpse.
  3. (archaic or obsolete) Likeness; face; countenance.

Related terms[edit]