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Ancient Greek λόγιον(lógion, oracle), from λόγος(lógos, word).


logion ‎(plural logia)

  1. (Christianity) A saying that is attributed to Jesus but which is not in the Bible.
    • 1904, Journal of Biblical Literature[1], volume 23, page 195:
      The Gospels are evidently independent in their use of their source in the Logia of Matthew; but they all give the logion the same place in their Gospels.
    • 2011, Samuel Zinner, The Gospel of Thomas[2]:
      The central key to unraveling the perplexities of the Thomas gospel is contained basically in the first three logia. According to logion 1, which is actually a statement by the apostle Thomas, not by Jesus, the one who finds the interpretation or meaning of Jesus' secret sayings will not taste of death.
    • 2002, Rudolf Schnackenburg, The Gospel of Matthew[3], page 70:
      It is in this context that the difficult logion in Matthew concerning the eye (w. 22-23) is to be understood.



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logion n

  1. logion




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