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Borrowed from French manteau (mantle). In the Iranian context, borrowed from Persian مانتو(mânto), originating in the Qajar period. Doublet of mantle and mantel.



manteau (plural manteaus or manteaux)

  1. A cloak or gown, especially of a kind popular with women in the 17th and 18th centuries.
    • 2006, Thomas Pynchon, Against the Day, Vintage, published 2007, page 915:
      Not to mention the need to keep her manteau from becoming a sort of anti-parachute which sought to lift her free of the pavement.
  1. (Iran) A long, loose-fitting coat worn by Iranian Muslim women based off the trenchcoat, originally worn with a square Arabic-style hijab and in plain colours such as beige, black, pale blue or cream, originating in the 1970s as a political statement by young, educated women, especially students, many devoted to leftist or modern Islamist ideals, though in the decades following the Iranian Revolution has come to be worn as a tighter-fitting garment with a looser scarf by younger Iranian women as a way of compromising with the country’s mandatory hijab laws while remaining fashionable.



Inherited from Latin mantellum, diminutive of mantum. Compare Italian mantello.



manteau m (plural manteaux)

  1. coat
    Synonym: pardessus
  2. mantle (garment worn by Orthodox bishops)
  3. (geology) mantle
  4. (biology) mantle (of molluscs)
  5. (heraldry) pavilion

Related terms[edit]


  • English: manteau
  • English: mantua
  • Japanese: マント (manto)
  • Korean: 망토 (mangto)
  • Romanian: manta, mantou
  • Russian: манто (manto)
  • Turkish: manto
  • Persian: مانتو

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