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A multigraph with a loop (blue) and three edges with the same endpoints (all red). Not all authors allow multigraphs to have loops.


From multi- +‎ graph. Compare multiset.


multigraph (plural multigraphs)

  1. (graph theory) A set V (whose elements are called vertices or nodes), taken together with a multiset E, each of whose elements (called an edge or line) is a cardinality-two multisubset of V.
    Synonym: pseudograph
  2. (graph theory, less commonly) A set V (as before), taken together with a multiset E, each of whose elements is a cardinality-two subset of V.
  3. (historical, printing) A combined rotary typesetting and printing machine for office use. The type is transferred semi-automatically by means of keys from a type-supply drum to a printing drum. The printing may be done by means of an inked ribbon to print "typewritten" letters, or directly from inked type or a stereotype plate, as in a printing press.
  4. (linguistics) A specific sequence of letters treated as a (phonemic) unit.
    Synonym: pleongraph
    Hyponyms: digraph, trigraph, tetragraph


Related terms[edit]


multigraph (third-person singular simple present multigraphs, present participle multigraphing, simple past and past participle multigraphed)

  1. (historical, transitive) To print using a multigraph machine.

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