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Etymology 1[edit]

From narcotic.


narco ‎(plural narcos)

  1. Narcotics.
    • 1971, Robert Deane Pharr, SRO:
      Margo sighed her contentment. ‘Selling narco in Harlem is the life. There's nothing finer.’
    • 2002, Jeanette Windle, The DMZ:
      Colonel Thornton had the deepest admiration for the Colombians at all levels of society who had made a stand against corruption and narco-dealing, often at the cost of their own lives.
  2. A South American drug baron.
    • 2010 16 Oct, “Under the volcano”, The Economist:
      The conflict has become a test of endurance for both the government and the narcos.
  3. A police officer specializing in drug crimes
Related terms[edit]
  • knocko, another term for a narcotics agent

Etymology 2[edit]

From narcolepsy.


narco ‎(plural narcos)

  1. Someone suffering from narcolepsy
    • 1998 6 January, “Not many postings?”,, Usenet:
      I too am a narco. Have been for about 10 years.
    • 1999 1 February, Sean Flynn, “Life's dilemmas - sometimes, they ARE a bitch..”,, Usenet:
      Besides, staying awake on your first day at a new job is definitely NOT a problem (unless you're a narco or something...).
    • 2007, Karen Russell, St. Lucy's Home for Girls Raised by Wolves[1], ISBN 9780307276674, page 62:
      Apneics, Others, and Narcos all gossip merrily on the walk back to our cabins.




Short for narcotraficante.


narco m ‎(plural narcos, feminine narca)

  1. drug dealer