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From ne- +‎ caurredzams ‎(transparent, see-through) (with caurredzams from caur ‎(through) +‎ redzams ‎(visible) and redzams being the present passive participle of redzēt ‎(to see)).


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necaurredzams (def. necaurredzamais, comp. necaurredzamāks, sup. visnecaurredzamākais; adv. necaurredzami)

  1. opaque (that which is not transparent, such that one cannot see through it)
    necaurredzams stiklsopaque glass
    necaurredzams audumsopaque fabric
    necaurredzami aizkariopaque curtains
  2. thick, without interstitial spaces (so that one cannot see through)
    necaurredzami akāciju krūmiopaque (= thick) acacia bushes
    necaurredzama miglaopaque (= thick) fog
    necaurredzami dūmiopaque (= thick) smoke
    tad necaurredzams putekļu mākonis aizsedza skatu — then an opaque (= thick) dust cloud hid the view
  3. (of night, darkness, etc.) very dark, very intense
    necaurredzama naktsopaque (= very dark) night
    necaurredzama tumsaopaque (= very intense) darkness
    pagalms grima necaurredzamā naktstumsā — the courtyard fell into opaque (= intense) night darkness




Derived terms[edit]