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From ne- +‎ caurredzams (transparent, see-through) (with caurredzams from caur (through) +‎ redzams (visible) and redzams being the present passive participle of redzēt (to see)).


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necaurredzams (def. necaurredzamais, comp. necaurredzamāks, sup. visnecaurredzamākais; adv. necaurredzami)

  1. opaque (that which is not transparent, such that one cannot see through it)
    necaurredzams stikls‎ ― opaque glass
    necaurredzams audums‎ ― opaque fabric
    necaurredzami aizkari‎ ― opaque curtains
  2. thick, without interstitial spaces (so that one cannot see through)
    necaurredzami akāciju krūmi‎ ― opaque (= thick) acacia bushes
    necaurredzama migla‎ ― opaque (= thick) fog
    necaurredzami dūmi‎ ― opaque (= thick) smoke
    tad necaurredzams putekļu mākonis aizsedza skatu‎ ― then an opaque (= thick) dust cloud hid the view
  3. (of night, darkness, etc.) very dark, very intense
    necaurredzama nakts‎ ― opaque (= very dark) night
    necaurredzama tumsa‎ ― opaque (= very intense) darkness
    pagalms grima necaurredzamā naktstumsā‎ ― the courtyard fell into opaque (= intense) night darkness




Derived terms[edit]