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night person (plural night people)

  1. (idiomatic) A person whose preference or custom is to remain awake and active during the evening and early morning (night) hours, and who usually sleeps during part of the daytime.
    • 1957, Walter E. Wilson, "The Horses of the Night," The Harvard Crimson, 30 Nov. (retrieved 12 Feb. 2009):
      "You see, I'm a creature of the night."
      "A what?"
      "A night person; I live during the nights, and sleep during the days."
    • 2009, Amy Sacco, "A Life in the Day: Amy Sacco, lady of the night," Times Online (UK), 24 Jan. (retrieved 12 Feb. 2009):
      I've always been a night person—my mother put me in afternoon kindergarten because she couldn’t get me up in the morning.