no comparison

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Ellipsis of there is no comparison.


no comparison

  1. An assertion that two things proposed to be compared are not alike, usually indicating that one is substantially superior to the other.
    • 1908, Arthur Giles, “A Clinical Lecture on the After-Results of the Surgical Treatment of Uterine Displacements”, in The Medical Press and Circular, volume 136, M.D., page 549:
      “I'm twice the woman I was” ; “very different to what I have ever been for years before the operation”; “better—no comparison.”
    • 1989, James Kaplan, Pearl's Progress, page 184:
      He swallowed and shook his head. “No comparison.”
    • 2006, Bret M. Funk, Beacons of Tomorrow, page 50:
      Asquith nodded, and Timbre dismissed it with a wave of his hand. “No comparison. I've seen the sunrises at The Site bring many a cynical old bastard to his knees in tears.”


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