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From noguris (tired) +‎ -ums.


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nogurums m (1st declension)

  1. tiredness, fatigue (the decrease of energy that results from prolonged activity)
    viegls, stiprs nogurumsmild, strong fatigue
    fiziskais, garīgais nogurumsphysical, mental fatigue
    noguruma sajūtafeeling of tiredness
    strādāt līdz nogurumamto work to exhaustion
    aizdzīt nogurumuto dispel the fatigue
    viņš jutās briesmīgi noguris, tā noguris, kā šo nogurumu laikam neizgulēt pašā ilgākajā un saldākajā miegāhe felt terribly tired, so tired, that he probably wouldn't be able to get rid of this tiredness even with the longest, sweetest sleep
  2. (technology) fatigue (phenomenon whereby a material begins to show cracks because of long-term exposure to varying levels of tension)
    materiāla nogurumsmaterial fatigue
    mašīnas detaļas nogurumsmachinery part fatigue
    noguruma plaisafatigue crack
    noguruma robežafatigue limit


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