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Alternative forms




one +‎ line +‎ -er


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one-liner (plural one-liners)

  1. A short joke, especially one of a single sentence.
    witty one-liners
    • 2017 September 19, Gwilym Mumford, “Kingsman: The Golden Circle review – spy sequel reaches new heights of skyscraping silliness”, in the Guardian[1]:
      Every crass or tone-deaf moment – including a sexual encounter between Eggsy and a socialite, played by Poppy Delevingne, that at best feels entirely misjudged and at worst a complete betrayal of Eggsy’s cheeky but ultimately quite sweet character – is matched by a wonderfully droll one-liner or nugget of razor-sharp satire.
  2. A short remark intended as a sound bite.
  3. (computing) A command or small program consisting of a single line of input.



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