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From Afrikaans plaas ‎(farm)


plaas ‎(plural plaases)

  1. (South Africa) A farm.
    • 1929, Norman Giles, Keerboskloof (page 110)
      "The man who burned down the plaas, deserves himself to be burned," cried Solomon with irrelevant heat.



plaas ‎(plural plase, diminutive plasie)

  1. farm; a piece of land, usually used for farming

Derived terms[edit]


plaas ‎(present plaas, present participle plasende, past participle geplaas)

  1. to place; to put something down
    Hy't die kruideniersware op die tafel geplaas.
    He put the groceries down on the table.
  2. to subject someone to something (usually used with op or onder)
    Ons plaas jou onder huisarres.
    We are placing you under house arrest.
  3. to deposit
    Ek gaan al my geld in die bank plaas.
    I am going to deposit all my money in the bank.
  4. to recognise; to identify (usually used with a negative)
    Ek kon haar nie plaas nie.
    I couldn't recognise her.


  • (to put down): neersit
  • (to be subjected, to deposit): sit
  • (to recognise): herken