pro domino

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Borrowing from Latin prō (as, like; as befitting) + dominō (owner of a residence; the master of its servants and slaves; lord).



pro domino (not comparable)

  1. (law) In the capacity of a master or an owner; having dominion over a person, property, or a right.
    • 1892, J. D. Sheil, editor, “Cape Times” Law Reports: A Record of Every Matter Disposed of in the Supreme Court, during the Year 1892, volume II, Cape Town: Cape Times, OCLC 145381596:
      [] as of right and pro domino to occupy []
    • 1920, A. E. Carlisle and T. B. Horwood, editors, South African Law Reports. Natal Provincial Division. Decisions of the Supreme Court of South Africa (Natal Provincial Division) (including the Durban and Coast Local Division), volume 40, Pietermaritzburg: Incorporated Law Society of Natal, OCLC 1644341, page 186:
      [W]hen the Natal Native Trust became Trustee, he held lot 52 no longer permissively but pro domino; []
    • 1957, South African Law Reports, volume I, Cape Town: Juta & Co., OCLC 173339440, page 505:
      Pro domino or otherwise? M. C. Bosman states that D. S. du Toit possessed as owner and I accept his evidence on this point too, corroborated as it is by the circumstances and the probabilities.