quick match

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Alternative forms[edit]


quick match (plural quick matches)

  1. A pyrotechnic fuse consisting of a cotton string, coated with black powder, confined in a paper tube
    • 1817, John Campbell, John Berkenhout, Henry Redhead Yorke, William Stevenson, Lives of the British Admirals: Containing Also a New and Accurate Naval History, from the Earliest Periods
      Cast off all the covers of the fire barrels, and hang the quick match loose over their sides, and place leaders of quick match from the reeds into the barrels, and from thence into the vent of the chambers, [..]
    • 2012, B. J. Kosanke, Barry T. Sturman, Robert M. Winokur, Encyclopedic Dictionary of Pyrotechnics: (and Related Subjects) - B&W, Journal of Pyrotechnics (→ISBN), page 36:
      The Recent Chinese quick match has another property that may cause it to appear to be especially fierce burning.