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From Latin recolligere, present active infinitive of recolligō. Doublet of recolegir, a borrowing. Compare English recollect.


recoger (first-person singular present recojo, first-person singular preterite recogí, past participle recogido)

  1. to collect, to gather, to pick up, to fetch, to retrieve (something previously left behind)
  2. to pick up (a person or people by vehicle)
  3. to clean up (e.g., a room)
  4. to pack up
    Synonym: empacar
  5. to harvest, reap (fruit)
  6. to pick up on, glean, capture (e.g., a point, a link, distinction, subtlety, ambiguity, etc.)
  7. (figurative) to reflect
  8. (reflexive) to go to bed


  • Rule: g becomes a j before a or o.

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