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Old French remetre, from the Latin verb remitto, from re- + mitto




  1. to put back, replace
  2. to put (clothing etc.) back on
  3. to restart (machine etc.)
  4. to hand over, tender, hand in, deliver (à to)
  5. to put off, postpone (à until)
  6. to remember
  7. to add (more)
  8. to forgive, remit
  9. (reflexive) to get over, to recover (de from)
    • 1862, Victor Hugo, Les Misérables, I.1.iv:
      Quant à l'évêque, avoir vu la guillotine fut pour lui un choc, et il fut longtemps à s’en remettre.
      As for the bishop, seeing the guillotine had been a shock for him, and it took him a long time to get over it.
  10. (reflexive) to take up again, start (to do something) again
    Il s'est remis à fumer. He's started smoking again.
  11. (reflexive) To get back


  • This verb is conjugated like mettre. That means it is conjugated like battre except that its past participle is remis, not *remettu, and its past historic and imperfect subjunctive are formed with remi-, not *remetti-.

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