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From Ottoman Turkish صایمق (saymak, to count, take into account, consider, respect, value, deem, suppose), from Proto-Turkic *sā(j)- (to count, to consider).

Cognate with Karakhanid [script needed] (sa-, to count, consider, suppose), Azeri saymaq (to count, consider), Chuvash сума (suma, to count, consider, honor, respect, read), Turkmen saýmak (to think, assume, suppose, consider), Yakut аах (aax, to read, count, consider).


saymak (third-person singular simple present sayar)

  1. (intransitive) to count, carry out counting
    Yüze kadar sayabilirim.I can count up to 100.
  2. (transitive) to count, make a numerical count of
  3. (transitive) to list, specify, enumerate
  4. (transitive) to respect, value, regard
  5. (transitive) to take into account, consider
  6. (transitive) to deem, regard, reckon, look upon
  7. (intransitive, with dative) to pay so much money for


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