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A rugby union scrum


From scrummage, from scrimmage (source: The Heritage Illustrated Dictionary of the English Language).



scrum (plural scrums)

  1. A tightly-packed and disorderly crowd of people.
    A scrum developed around the bar when free beer was announced.
  2. (Canada) Specifically used in the Canadian media to describe a tightly-packed group of reporters surrounding a member of the Canadian House of Commons while in the Parliament Buildings.
    A scrum formed around Scott Brison shortly after he announced his candidacy for the federal Liberal leadership.
  3. (rugby) In rugby union or rugby league, all the forwards joined together in an organised way. Also known as a scrummage.
  4. In Agile software development, a daily meeting in which each developer describes what they have been doing, what they plan to do next, and any impediments to progress.


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Origin unknown. Possibly from archaic scrumb; a substratum word, akin to Albanian shkrumb.


scrum n (plural scrumuri)

  1. ash
  2. slag

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