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Old English[edit]


Etymology 1[edit]

From earlier scield.


sċyld m

  1. Alternative form of scield

Etymology 2[edit]

From Proto-Germanic *skuldiz (guilt), from Proto-Indo-European *skel- (to be guilty, be obligated, owe). Cognate with Old Frisian schuld, Old Saxon skuld (crime, due), Old High German sculd; (Dutch schuld), (German Schuld), Old Norse skuld. Related to shall, should.


sċyld f

  1. offense, fault, crime, guilt, sin
    Hé his scylde forgyfenysse bæd. — He begs forgiveness for his sins.
  2. obligation, liability, due, debt
    Hé ða scyld forlét wið hine. — He forlet (forgave) the debt with him.

Derived terms[edit]


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