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From Old Galician-Portuguese salvage, salvaje, from Old Occitan salvatge, salvatxe, sauvatge (cf. Catalan salvatge), from Vulgar Latin salvāticus, from Latin silvāticus (of the woods), from silva (woods; forest).


  • (Brazil) IPA(key): /sewˈva.ʒẽj̃/ [seʊ̯ˈva.ʒẽɪ̯̃]

  • (Northeast Brazil) IPA(key): /sɛwˈva.ʒẽj̃/
  • (Rural Central Brazil) IPA(key): /siwˈvaʒ/
  • Rhymes: (Brazil) -aʒẽj̃, (Portugal) -aʒɐ̃j̃
  • Hyphenation: sel‧va‧gem


selvagem m or f (plural selvagens)

  1. sylvan (of the woods)
    Synonyms: agreste, selvático, silvestre, silvícola
  2. wild (not domesticated or tamed)
    Synonyms: asselvajado, bravio, feroz, indomesticado
    Antonyms: amansado, domado, domesticado, doméstico, manso
  3. (derogatory) savage; uncivilised
    Synonyms: bárbaro, incivilizado
    Antonym: civilizado
  4. brutal, vicious, merciless
    Synonyms: brutal, cruel, feroz


selvagem m or f by sense (plural selvagens)

  1. sylvan (one who resides in the woods)
    Synonym: silvícola
  2. an impolite person
    Synonyms: bronco, bruto, grosso, mal-educado, parvo
  3. (derogatory) savage (uncivilized or feral human; a barbarian)
    Synonym: bárbaro

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