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From Latin sēminārium, from sēmen (seed). Compare seminar.


seminary (plural seminaries)

  1. A theological school for the training of rabbis, priests, or ministers.
  2. A private residential school for girls.
  3. (Mormonism) A class of religious education for youths ages 14–18 that accompanies normal secular education.
  4. A piece of ground where seed is sown for producing plants for transplantation.
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    • Evelyn
      But if you draw them [seedlings] only for the thinning of your seminary, prick them into some empty beds.
  5. (by extension) The place or original stock from which anything is brought or produced.
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  6. (obsolete) Seminal state or polity.
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  7. A Roman Catholic priest educated in a foreign seminary; a seminarist.
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  8. (archaic) An academic seminar.

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seminary (not comparable)

  1. Of or relating to seed; seminal.