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From sharp +‎ -ness


sharpness (countable and uncountable, plural sharpnesses)

  1. (uncountable) the cutting ability of an edge; keenness
  2. (uncountable) the fineness of the point a pointed object
  3. (countable) The product or result of being sharp.
  4. (of food etc) pungency or acidity
  5. (of an image) distinctness, focus
  6. (of intelligence) acuteness or acuity
    • 2012 June 19, Phil McNulty, “England 1-0 Ukraine”, in BBC Sport[1]:
      A lack of match sharpness was perhaps to blame for Rooney squandering England's best chance after 27 minutes.
  7. (obsolete) edge or blade
    • 1760, John Marchant, Gent. Mr. Gordon, Daniel Bellamy, and others., A New Complete English Dictionary...[2]:
      CUT-WATER, or KNEE OF THE HEAD [S.] the ſharpneſs of the head of the ſhip, below the beak;
    • ca. 1395, John Wycliffe et al., Joshua 6:21[3]:
      also thei smytiden bi the scharpnesse of swerd, oxun, and scheep, and assis.


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