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From side +‎ bar.


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sidebar (plural sidebars)

  1. A short news story printed alongside a larger one.
  2. A block of information placed at the side of a printed page.
    • 2004 "Height and Weight", GURPS Basic Set 3rd Edition 6th printing page 15
      The tables in the sidebar can be used to determine “average” height and weight, and to provide a slight random variation if desired.
  3. (Internet) A block of information placed at the side of a webpage.
  4. (US, law) a short conference, between a judge and the attorneys of a case, held outside the hearing of the jury and the spectators at the court
  5. (US, law) the place in the courtroom where such a conference happens.
  6. An accessory side note or aside made during a conversation, without changing the scope of the audience.
    • 2018, Tom Ellis as Lucifer Morningstar, "Quintessential Deckerstar", Lucifer
      Well, when Charlotte had her mini-death, she went to Hell. Forest haunted her Hell loop and now is haunting her nightmares -- which, sidebar, Dan is also a part of, so things are heating up.
  7. A short conversation between a smaller portion of a group held outside the hearing of the rest of the group.
    • 2017 Ben Giroux as Mike Munroe in "Braces for Disaster" Bunsen is a Beast
      May we have a moment to discuss your proposition? Sidebar!
      Let's pick a topic. Sidebar!

Derived terms[edit]



sidebar (third-person singular simple present sidebars, present participle sidebarring, simple past and past participle sidebarred)

  1. (transitive) to place (information) into a sidebar, or as if into a sidebar
    • 15 April 2018 "What's Your Story?" Fear the Walking Dead season 4 episode 1 (50m)
      Morgan "One of them was called Alexandria and then there was a place called the Kingdom. It actually had a king."
      Althea "A king?"
      Morgan "Even had a pet tiger."
      Althea "All right, we're gonna have to sidebar that one. These settlements, were they good places to live?"